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Individuals will check Columbiana County criminal records for different reasons. Whether you’re considering getting a babysitter and want to carry out a background check, or you’ve met someone online and need insights into their criminal past before a date, there are numerous routes to retrieve such information.

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Columbiana County OH Regional Criminal Record Tools

Common Pleas Court (Felony, Juvenile)
105 S Market St Lisbon, OH 44432
Web Lookup
On Location Search – Yes

East Liverpool Municipal Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
126 W 6th St East Liverpool, OH 43920
Web Lookup
On Location Search – Yes

Lisbon Municipal Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
38832 Saltwell Rd Lisbon, OH 44432
Web Lookup
On Location Search – Yes

Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO)
105 S Market St, Lisbon, OH 44432
Phone: (330) 424-9519
Sex Offenders

Salem City Police Department
231 S Broadway Ave # C, Salem, OH 44460
Phone: (330) 337-7811

Columbiana County Court Records

To access somebody’s Columbiana County criminal records, you can use court records. Either engage directly with the court system or utilize an online service. To search in person, visit the clerk of courts in the county of the person’s case.

Columbiana County Police Records

Public police records are an additional source for Columbiana County criminal history. Getting these records can be as easy as calling your local police department. Many will have a records division that can provide details on criminal backgrounds.

Arrest History

Numerous resources exist if you need to get public arrest records. One reliable source is the Columbiana County sheriff’s office, which typically maintains a record of all county arrests and run the local jail.

Inmate History

To view Columbiana County inmate records, start by identifying the inmate’s location. This can be established with a nationwide check first which can be used as a  pointer to more specific locations. With this information, work with the department managing inmate records for the proper facility.

Common Kinds of Criminal Records:


Infractions in Columbiana County OH incorporate many offenses, from traffic violations to trespassing. Depending on their gravity, infractions can result in warnings and fines.


Columbiana County misdemeanor records are public and available through the court system. These are considered mid-level offenses.

Columbiana County Felony Records

In conducting a comprehensive Columbiana County criminal record check, it’s important to investigate any felony convictions associated with the individual. A felony is considered the most significant criminal classification.

Columbiana County Sexual Offender Trackers

To examine your state’s sex-offender registry, visit the official website and look for the registry link. Additionally, a quick Google search may direct you to the registry. Local Columbiana County law enforcement can likewise provide local information.

Columbiana County Dui And Dwi Case History

Columbiana County DUI convictions will have different outcomes. Repeat offenders, or those initiating accidents under the influence, face harsher penalties.

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