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The government’s documents and information about inmates are called inmate records. A Dayton inmate record can reveal the reason for imprisonment and how long an inmate has been held. Researchers can benefit from inmate records because it helps to determine recidivism rates or the effectiveness and efficiency of rehabilitation programs.

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Dayton Resources.

Dayton Police Department (DPD Inmate Search)
335 W Third St, Dayton, OH 45402
Phone: (937) 333-2677

Common Pleas Court (Felony, Juvenile)
41 N Perry St Dayton, OH 45422
On Location Search – Yes

County Municipal Criminal (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinances)
301 W 3rd St, Rm 331 Dayton, OH 45402
On Location Search – Yes

Montgomery County OH Detention Center
345 W 2nd St, Dayton, OH 45422

Monday Correctional Institute
1951 S Gettysburg Ave, Dayton, OH 45417
Phone: (937) 496-7300

Dayton Correctional Institution DCI
4104 Germantown St, Dayton, OH 45417
Phone: (937) 263-0060

Dayton Inmate Search Online

The internet is the best place to do a Dayton inmate search for records because many websites let you search for inmates by name, race, or gender. You can also search for inmates by their location or the type of facility where they are located. These websites contain information about inmates, including their charges and sentence.

Ohio State Prison VS Dayton Jail

Prisons and jails are two types of facilities with significant differences. Local sheriffs usually manage jails. They are used to house people waiting for trial or being sentenced to serve for misdemeanor crimes. On the other hand, prisons are governed by federal or state governments and are used for inmates who committed severe crimes. Jails are also less secure than prisons because they are not intended to house inmates for extended periods.

Ohio Prison Inmate Search

There are several options for finding someone in prison. The most popular is to search either the federal Bureau of Prisons’ official website or any other website that can be used to locate an inmate. You may also try calling the prison directly or hiring a private detective.

Dayton Jail Inmate Search

There are a few options available to help you locate someone locked up. The best option is to contact your local sheriff. They will give you details on the person’s location and current status. Online databases such as National Inmate Locator can also be searched. This is a more challenging option, but it is worth the effort if there is no luck with your local sheriff.

Dayton Mugshots

Dayton mugshots are photographs of people that the county sheriff has arrested. These mugshots are taken when the person is booked into the county jail and are typically available to the public. County jail mugshots can be a valuable resource for researching someone’s criminal history, as they can provide information about arrests that may not be available from other sources.

Dayton Jail Log

A Dayton jail log records the names and dates of those booked into the county jail. It also contains information such as the inmate’s name, their booking date, and the charges they face. This information is usually available to anyone and can be accessed publicly.

Dayton Jail Roster

Dayton jail rosters can be obtained from the sheriff’s office online, over the phone, or in person. The report includes the names of inmates, booking photos, charges, and release and arrest dates.

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