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In short, a warrant in Delaware County OH is an order from the court that allows law enforcement to do a certain task.
For example, police officers and other people who enforce the law use warrants to search someone’s home or to arrest them.
There are many different kinds:

  • A search warrant lets the police enter someone’s property and look for evidence.
  • A warrant for arrest is a legal document that gives police the right to arrest anyone.

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Delaware County OH Warrant Resources.

Delaware County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO Warrant Search)
844 US-42 N, Delaware, OH 43015
Phone: (740) 833-2800
Felony Warrant List

Common Pleas Court (Felony, Juvenile)
117 N Union St., Level 300 Delaware, OH 43015
On Location Search – Yes

Delaware Municipal Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Eviction)
70 N Union St Delaware, OH 43015
On Location Search – Yes

Dublin Police Department
6565 Commerce Pkwy, Dublin, OH 43017
Phone: (614) 889-1112

Delaware Police Department
70 N Union St # 2, Delaware, OH 43015
Phone: (740) 203-1111

Accessible Online: Delaware County Warrant Search

Warrant information can usually be found on the websites of courts or sheriff/police departments. The website will likely have an online search tool that lets you use identifying information.
This will usually have the person’s full name, date of birth, or case number.

Access To Court Records By The Public

There are different ways to use court databases to do a Delaware County warrant search.

  • You can search by the person’s first name and last name.
  • The case number is another way to look for a warrant.
  • Or use the docket numbers.

Delaware County Sheriff's Arrest Warrant List

You must submit a “public records demand” to the police to get warrant records. It is possible to complete this in person, online, or by mail.
When the agency receives the request, it searches its database for warrants that fit the requirements.

Bench Warrants In Delaware County

A judge issues a Delaware County bench warrant to someone who needs to appear in court. If the police stop you, they have the right to detain you.

Arrest Warrants In Delaware County

Making a warrant for someone’s arrest is a simple process. To get a warrant to arrest someone, Delaware County law enforcement will need a reasonable basis to suppose that person has done something illegal.
Once the officer is certain, they will sign an affidavit that explains the case and why an arrest warrant should be issued.
The affidavit will then be looked at by a judge, who will decide whether or not to issue a warrant. The judge will sign off on the warrant and send it to the police to be carried out.

Warrant To Arrest A Fugitive

When a suspect in a crime is charged and leaves the county where the crime was committed, the court could issue a fugitive warrant for their arrest.
This warrant will be sent to other jurisdictions where law enforcement can help make the arrest the send them back to Delaware County OH.

Order To Search

Warrants are not needed for all searches, but they offer important protections to property owners.
Most of the time, probable cause is what a judge uses to issue warrants in Delaware County OH. This is the idea that a crime has been committed and that the search will find validation.

Free Warrant Searches In Delaware County

A free warrant search can be done using Delaware County regional resources.
-First, you should talk to the court that issued the warrant. They will keep track of all warrants given out in the area.
-You can also check with your local police department. They will keep track of all the active warrants in their jurisdiction.

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