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A Greene County criminal record search thoroughly examines an individual’s criminal history. People frequently utilize these resources to screen individuals who might pose a threat. Such a search can expose past arrests, convictions, and other interactions with the criminal justice system.
While public records, like court and police documents, are great resources, specialized private databases often access more nationwide databases.

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Greene County OH Regional Criminal Record Tools

Common Pleas Court (Felony, Juvenile)
45 N Detroit St Xenia, OH 45385
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On Location Search – Yes

Fairborn Municipal Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
1148 Kauffman Ave Fairborn, OH 45324
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On Location Search – Yes

Xenia Municipal Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
101 N Detroit Street, 2nd Floor Xenia, OH 45385
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On Location Search – Yes

Greene County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO)
105 E Market St, Xenia, OH 45385
Phone: (937) 562-5220
Public Records Requests
Sex Offenders
(BCI/FBI) WebCheck

Kettering Police Department
3600 Shroyer Rd, Kettering, OH 45429
Phone: (937) 296-2555
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Greene County Court Records

To efficiently navigate court records and look for Greene County criminal details, one needs to understand the structure of the U.S. court system. Comprising federal, state, and local courts, each has distinct guidelines and procedures.
Federal courts supervise cases like drug trafficking and terrorism, while state courts manage many U.S. criminal cases involving significant criminal activities like murder. Meanwhile, local courts attend to less extreme offenses like traffic violations.

Greene County Police Records

Police records provide a wealth of information on Greene County criminal histories. However, not all previous criminal activity is publicly accessible online or is final. Initiating your search by working with the local police department can provide insights into what documents they have.

Arrest History

To determine if an individual has been detained, contact the local Greene County sheriff’s department or examine their website for a database of recent arrests.

Inmate History

Numerous methods exist to check inmate records. While openly offered, determining the right county or state to search in might require additional research. Start by checking with the state’s department of corrections website for prison records and the local Greene County sheriff for jail records.

Common Kinds of Criminal Records:


Both infractions and misdemeanors are violations, but they vary in severity. Greene County infractions, minor offenses, typically come with fines or community service. On the other hand, misdemeanors are graver, possibly resulting in jail time, probation, or fines.


Misdemeanors in Greene County OH are divided into two classifications: violent and non-violent. Violent misdemeanors, like domestic violence or assault, entail threat or physical harm. Non-violent misdemeanors, such as trespassing or public intoxication, don’t involve force or threat.

Greene County Felony Records

Greene County felony records from the court system are publicly offered, providing insights into an individual’s criminal and sentencing past.

Greene County Sexual Offender Trackers

For data on a state’s sex offender registry, use your local Greene County sheriff or police databases for local records. There are also statewide and nationwide databases available from the government for anyone that needs to expand their search area.

Greene County Dui And Dwi Case History

DUIs greatly differ from regular traffic tickets. While the latter is a civil infraction, a DUI is a crime, leading to a permanent record upon conviction. Furthermore, Greene County DUIs carry more severe repercussions, such as significant fines, jail time, and license suspension, than normal traffic violations.

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