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Carrying out Hamilton County criminal record checks can be essential for safety. Criminal record checks are critical in preventing offenders from accessing certain functions and protecting susceptible demographics like seniors and children from possible harm.

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Hamilton County OH Regional Criminal Record Tools

Common Pleas Court (Felony, Juvenile)
1000 Main St, Rm 315 Cincinnati, OH 45202
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County Municipal Criminal (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinances)
1000 Sycamore St, #115 Cincinnati, OH 45202
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On Location Search – Yes

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO)
11021 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45231
Phone: (513) 825-1500
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Sex Offenders
Dead Beat Parents

Cincinnati Police District
310 Ezzard Charles Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45214
Phone: (513) 765-1212
Fingerprint Services
Police Records
Records Section

Hamilton County Court Records

To establish an individual’s Hamilton County criminal history, you can consult court records to find any charges or convictions. However, these records can be challenging to access and interpret. First, identify the proper court jurisdiction, normally where the criminal offense occurred. It might also be where the person was jailed or indicted. Once the pertinent court is determined, you can locate their database.

Hamilton County Police Records

For criminal history checks via Hamilton County police records, several avenues are offered. You can request this info directly from your local police department or access state-specific online criminal records databases offered to the general public.

Arrest History

Public arrest records can be accessed in different ways. Begin by contacting the local Hamilton County sheriff where the arrest happened. Typically, you must submit a request, pay a cost, and provide the required information for older records. For recent arrests, check the sheriff’s websites for a list.

Inmate History

Inmate records in Hamilton County OH can be insightful to determine if someone has been convicted. These records will suggest any criminal convictions and whether the person is incarcerated. You can also check if somebody has been sentenced or is on probation.

Common Kinds of Criminal Records:


It’s important to separate between Hamilton County infractions and criminal offenses. An infraction is a minor offense resulting in fines or penalties but not a criminal record. In contrast, a major criminal offense can cause more severe repercussions, including a criminal conviction.


In the U.S and Hamilton County OH., misdemeanors are viewed as less serious crimes, which can be violent or nonviolent. Violent misdemeanors, such as assault, battery, or domestic violence, include or threaten force against another individual. In contrast, nonviolent misdemeanors, like DUI, disorderly conduct, and trespassing, do not involve any threat or use of force.

Hamilton County Felony Records

Numerous criminal offenses are classified as Hamilton County felonies, with murder, rape, break-in, and theft among the most severe. Felonies like fraud and embezzlement are deemed less extreme because no violence is involved. Each state specifies felonies based on its legal statutes.

Hamilton County Sexual Offender Trackers

To get information on local Hamilton County sex offenses, check with your local law enforcement agency for a list of registered sex offenders.

Hamilton County Dui And Dwi Case History

DUI records in Hamilton County OH serve many functions. They allow people to verify someone’s driving history claims. Additionally, insurers rely on these records when determining rates and coverage specifics.

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