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A legal order or direction is called a warrant in Lake County OH. Is usually given out by a court or the state’s highest executive authority.
Most of the time, courts give law enforcement warrants to search property or take evidence. Warrants can also be given to people like governors and military commanders in certain situations.
A search warrant is an order from a neutral, detached magistrate based on probable cause backed up by an affirmation or oath.

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Lake County OH Warrant Resources.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO Warrant Search)
104 E Erie St, Painesville, OH 44077
Phone: (440) 350-5500
Most Wanted

Common Pleas Court (Felony, Juvenile)
25 N Park Pl Painesville, OH 44077
On Location Search – Yes

Municipal (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
7 Richmond St Painesville, OH 44077
On Location Search – Yes

Other Municipal Courts: (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
Mentor Municipal Court
Willoughby Municipal Court

Mentor Police Department
8500 Civic Center Blvd, Mentor, OH 44060
Phone: (440) 255-1234
Active Court Warrant List

Willoughby City Police Department
36700 Euclid Ave, Willoughby, OH 44094
Phone: (440) 953-4212

Accessible Online: Lake County Warrant Search

You can look for warrants online in several ways when doing a Lake County warrant search. You could go to the courthouse and look at public court records.
A third-party website could also help people look for warrants nationwide.
No matter what you do, make sure you have the person’s full name and birth date.

Access To Court Records By The Public

You can search for warrants by using Lake County court databases. This is easy to do if you know which court issued the warrant. Once you have the right database, just type the person’s name into the search bar to find them in the database.

Lake County Sheriff's Arrest Warrant List

Contact the Lake County police department if you want to find warrant records. For the most part, they will either post a list on their website or you’ll need to request it via a form or over the phone.

Bench Warrants In Lake County

A bench warrant is a legal document that a judge writes. The document tells the police to find the person and bring them to court.
People often get bench warrants when they don’t attend court hearings. A person with a Lake County bench warrant out for arrest could be taken in at any time the police interact with them.

Arrest Warrants In Lake County

The process of making a warrant starts with the police or other law enforcement agencies. A judge looks at the evidence and decides whether or not to make a Lake County arrest warrant.

Warrant To Arrest A Fugitive

The prosecuting court issues fugitive arrest warrants. This makes it possible for counties and states to work together to apprehend the fugitive.

Order To Search

A search warrant helps Lake County law enforcement find evidence and ensure that searches are done according to the law and the Constitution.
A search warrant gives police permission to go into a residence and look for evidence of a crime.

Free Warrant Searches In Lake County

There are several ways to locate a Lake County warrant record for free. First, contact the court that authorized the warrant. You can conduct an online search or use the court’s search terminal onsite.

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