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A warrant in Lucas County OH is an order from a judge that lets the police or other authorities into the person’s home and lets them arrest them.
Most warrants are given out when there is probable cause. This is the idea that a crime has happened or that there is proof that criminal activity has occurred at a certain place.
These warrants can’t be used to give the police broad permission to search and arrest people without a good reason. Suspect A could be held on a warrant if he or she is linked to the robbery of Bank X.

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Lucas County OH Warrant Resources.

Lucas County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO Warrant Search)
1622 Spielbusch Ave, Toledo, OH 43604
Phone: (419) 213-4975

Toledo Police Department
525 N Erie St, Toledo, OH 43604
Phone: (419) 245-3246
Court Bench Warrants
Most Wanted

Common Pleas Court (Felony, Juvenile)
700 Adams St Toledo, OH 43604
On Location Search – Yes

County Municipal (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
555 N Erie St Toledo, OH 43604
On Location Search – Yes

Oregon Police Department
5330 Seaman Rd, Oregon, OH 43616
Phone: (419) 698-7064

Accessible Online: Lucas County Warrant Search

You can look for warrants online in several ways when doing a Lucas County warrant search. Ask the police in your area if they have an online warrants database.
You can also call the county courthouse to find out if anyone is wanted for arrest. At many courts, you can search the online database of court records.
If nothing else works, you can always call a private investigator and ask if they search for warrants as part of their services.

Access To Court Records By The Public

There are many ways to look for warrants in Lucas County court databases. Start by asking the county clerk where the warrant was issued and looking through the court records.

Lucas County Sheriff's Arrest Warrant List

A direct place to find warrant records is at a Lucas County police station. The police department keeps a list of warrants active in their jurisdiction.
If you know the person’s name for whom an arrest warrant has been issued, you can ask the police for more information.

Bench Warrants In Lucas County

A bench warrant in Lucas County OH is a legal order from a judge telling someone they need to appear in court. They could be arrested if they don’t show up for court to get them to make a court appearance.

Arrest Warrants In Lucas County

The police officer must have a good reason to believe that the person has broken the law to get a Lucas County arrest warrant.
Once the officer has probable cause, they can fill out a signed affidavit that explains what happened and why they think an arrest warrant should be issued.

Warrant To Arrest A Fugitive

A fugitive warrant gives police the right to find and bring the accused person to the jurisdiction who issued the warrant. This warrant is used to get different areas to cooperate with one another to make an arrest of a person on the run.

Order To Search

A search warrant is a written order from a judge that gives Lucas County police officers permission to go to a certain place to look for evidence of a crime.
The document gives the police the right to search the property without the owner’s or occupants’ permission. There must be a good reason for these warrants.

Free Warrant Searches In Lucas County

There are a few ways to do a free search for outstanding Lucas County warrants. Talk to the police in your area and ask for a list.
You could also look for public records online. These databases often provide information about both old and new warrants.

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