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Some might question the significance of accessing public Montgomery County criminal records, but there are many reasons. If you’re dating somebody or there’s a new person in your life, inspecting their criminal history can provide insights, ensuring they don’t have previous sexual assault charges or violence.

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Montgomery County OH Regional Criminal Record Tools

Common Pleas Court (Felony, Juvenile)
41 N Perry St Dayton, OH 45422
Web Lookup
On Location Search – Yes

County Municipal Criminal (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinances)
301 W 3rd St, Rm 331 Dayton, OH 45402
Web Lookup
On Location Search – Yes

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO)
555 Infirmary Rd, Dayton, OH 45417
Phone: (937) 225-4357
Inmate Finder
Court Warrant Search
Records Requests
Sex Offenders

Dayton Police Department
335 W Third St, Dayton, OH 45402
Phone: (937) 333-2677

Montgomery County Court Records

A detailed Montgomery County criminal record search should consist of court records. Through these, one can establish if someone has been charged or has a conviction, or was under investigation for a criminal offense.
First, identify the right court, locate the database, and search its records.

Montgomery County Police Records

There are several methods to examine someone’s Montgomery County police records. The Freedom of Information Act empowers individuals to request governmental records, encompassing police documents. To access records of police interactions, check with your local sheriff or police department. Some may need a valid rationale for your query. Alternatively, commercial background examination services can validate an individual’s police history.

Arrest History

Many don’t know that Montgomery County arrest records are publicly accessible. Such records can provide valuable insights into an individual’s behavior and character. However, remember that not every arrest culminates in a conviction; some people might be arrested and released without charges. Additionally, charges could be dismissed during legal procedures.

Inmate History

Inmate records can disclose if somebody was incarcerated in state or federal prisons. While Montgomery County inmate records are typically public, certain records, like those of juveniles, stay sealed, and some states enforce access restrictions to particular criminal records.

Common Kinds of Criminal Records:


Infractions in Montgomery County OH, while normally not grave offenses, can sometimes entail significant fines and even quick incarcerations, depending upon their intensity. Usually, they lead to small penalties.


Montgomery County misdemeanors include simple assault, disorderly conduct, trespassing, petty theft, and certain traffic violations like DUI. Penalties for misdemeanors typically involve fines and/or short-term jail time.

Montgomery County Felony Records

To determine if somebody has a history of Montgomery County felony convictions, consult the court where the case took place. The county court’s clerk, where the conviction occurred, will provide information about the individual’s felony record.

Montgomery County Sexual Offender Trackers

The sex offender database is instrumental in keeping track of sex offenders in Montgomery County OH. It enables locals to identify and avoid these people, ensuring safety.
The database likewise assists law enforcement in their operations. To evaluate registered sex offenders in your area, simply search the database. You can also opt for email notifications to stay informed about any new local sexual offenders.

Montgomery County Dui And Dwi Case History

A Montgomery County DUI is recognized as a serious offense that can cause injury or death; a DUI is typically classified as a misdemeanor. Yet, some situations can get classified as a felony.

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