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To acquire a Stark County criminal record, you have several routes:
1. Contact your local police department.
2. Reach out to the county courthouse.
3. Engage with the Ohio state police.
4. Use a private database online.

Each option will need identifying details like a name and others. When used properly, criminal records can be used to screen for people that pose a risk.

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Stark County OH Regional Criminal Record Tools

Common Pleas Criminal Court (Felony)
115 Central Plaza N, Ste 101 Canton, OH 44702
Web Lookup
On Location Search – Yes

Municipal (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
218 Cleveland Ave SW Canton, OH 44701
Web Lookup
On Location Search – Yes

Stark County Sheriff (SCSO)
4500 Atlantic Blvd., N.E. Canton, Ohio 44705
Phone:  (330) 430-3800
Most Wanted
Sex Offender
Incident / Accident Report Request

Canton Police Department
221 3rd Street SW Canton, OH 44702
Phone: 330-649-5800

Court Records

Public court records provide insights into Stark County criminal backgrounds. While anyone can access these, finding the correct records can be tough. To relieve your search:
1. Contact the prosecuting court directly.
2. Use a nationwide check as a pointer to other locations.

Stark County Police Records

Criminal records and Stark County police records differ. The first arises when an individual is convicted, creating a criminal record. The latter is produced upon arrest, clarifying the arrest specifics. Both can be essential for detailed background checks.

Arrest History

State-specific laws govern arrest record ease of access. While some might be online, others aren’t as quickly attainable. For these records, approach the Stark County police or sheriff’s department where the arrest occurred. Most such departments have public information officers to facilitate your search.

Inmate History

Publicly available inmate records aren’t centralized, complicating the search. To accelerate the process:
1. Utilize specialized services for inmate records that provide nationwide records.
2. Directly engage with the state DOC and/or Stark County sheriff where the inmate lives.

Common Kinds of Criminal Records:


While most Stark County infractions cause small offenses, penalties vary from warnings to fines. Some might intensify to serious repercussions like building up points on your driving record or license suspension.


Criminal history checks reveal Stark County misdemeanors. Nevertheless, certain misdemeanors might remain concealed, particularly if they’re dated or expunged.

Stark County Felony Records

Looking for Stark County felony convictions for any criminal history check is a must. It ensures the people haven’t been embroiled in serious criminal deeds. Checking for violent felonies and other major offenses facilitates informed living.

Stark County Sexual Offender Trackers

Stark County sex offender registries list the offender’s name, address, birth date, physical attributes, and conviction details. Some may likewise incorporate aliases, vehicle specifics, or work-related data.

Stark County Dui And Dwi Case History

DUI is common in America and Stark County OH and comes with hard penalties. Penalties include imprisonment, fines, license revocation, escalating insurance premiums, and other obstacles.

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