Summit County Background Check

Summit County Background Check

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Summit County background checks are a way to ensure you aren’t putting yourself in danger and other people around you. They can reveal if somebody has been convicted for fraud and other crimes. There isn’t a sinlge source where every record is going to be found that why using multiple databases is key. We’ve collected state-level sources here, which will help get the investigation moving.

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Summit County OH Official Records

Summit County Common Pleas Court (Felony, Civil Over $15,000, Domestic Relations)
205 S High St Akron, OH 44308
Web – Link
On Location Search – Yes

Summit County Municipal Criminal (Misdemeanor, Civil Under $15,000, Small Claims, Eviction, Traffic, Ordinance)
217 S High St, Rm 837 Akron, OH 44308
Web – Link
On Location Search – Yes

Other Municipal Courts:
Barberton Municipal Court – Link
Stow Municipal Court – Link

Recorder Division
Web – Link

Real Estate
GIS – Link
Property Tax Search – Link

Summit County Sheriff’s Office
53 University Ave, Akron, OH 44308
Phone: (330) 643-2181
Web – Link
Inmate Roster – Link
Records & Reports – Link

Requesting a Summit County Criminal Background History Record Search

The existence of a criminal record may indicate that you might be a risk, mainly if the record contains violent crimes or theft. Background checks are an essential part of basic safety.

A Summit County criminal background check is an efficient method to safeguard yourself from criminals with records – being knowledgeable of their names, aliases, and nicknames will be paramount in pinpointing potential bad actors.

Summit County Jail Inmate Lookup

Every time a person is arrested and charged with a criminal offense, they will often be housed in custody till their case is addressed.

Summit County jails would be an easy way to obtain info on an inmate. They are considered public records and will regularly be posted via their website. To discover prison inmate data, view the state system.

Find Free Background Check Techniques

Government entities produce Summit County public records to document important events in an individual’s life. Such as divorce, a courtroom judgment, or acquiring a home, so when investigating somebody, public records may be the best choice for free research.

Summit County Police and Sheriff Solutions For Background Investigating

If you need a background check executed on someone in your area, the local Summit County Sheriff’s or Police Office may help you. They do city/county level checks.

Should Individuals Perform Background Check At Both Federal and State Level

Federal Background Check
A federal background check is a superb way to determine if an individual has been convicted or arrested for a federal crime.

Ohio State Background Check
Most crimes are tried at the state and county level. A state database probably won’t include all criminal activity there, yet it does provide an accurate overview of somebody’s background in that state.

Summit County Background Check
Public records are an important source of any person trying to investigate an individual. Lookup your community sources; you will find everything from generations-old records to the most recent court cases.

National Background Check
The database provides access to millions of public records by having a database that includes courtroom convictions and other applicable information from multiple states. The records are combined into one hassle-free database, making it simple for anybody that needs their information rather quickly.

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