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A criminal records search is important for various reasons. It helps determine if an individual has a Summit County criminal history, which is vital when considering somebody, welcoming them into your house, or perhaps dating. Such searches are likewise helpful in determining if somebody is dishonest about their background. Being informed about someone’s criminal past can empower you to take preventative measures for your and your family’s safety.

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Summit County OH Regional Criminal Record Tools

Common Pleas Court (Felony)
205 S High St Akron, OH 44308
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County Municipal Criminal (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
217 S High St, Rm 837 Akron, OH 44308
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Summit County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO)
53 University Ave, Akron, OH 44308
Phone: (330) 643-2181
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Sex Offenders

Akron Police Department
217 S High St, Akron, OH 44308
Phone: (330) 375-2552
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Summit County Court Records

Numerous options are available for discovering someone’s Summit County criminal history, but the court system is on top of the list. First, not all charges are going to turn into a conviction. If an individual is charged but later acquitted, it’s still available as a record, but it won’t be a conviction.

Summit County Police Records

Prioritizing your family’s security implies staying vigilant about potential dangers. This may involve conducting background checks on coaches, sitters, or anybody who spends significant time at your house. The Freedom of Information Act permits access to Summit County police records, which can provide insights into an individual’s criminal background.

Arrest History

Checking arrest records can provide a comprehensive view of somebody’s Summit County criminal past. Merely input the individual’s name into the right database and view records.

Inmate History

Inmate records can also be a component of Summit County criminal background checks. They provide details about an individual’s criminal history, including arrests and convictions that ended with a jail or prison sentence.

Common Kinds of Criminal Records:


Infractions in Summit County OH, like speeding, which is the most common, are made by the police for different minor offenses. Other examples include speeding or running a stop sign.


Summit County misdemeanors, criminal offenses, can lead to penalties like fines or imprisonment for as much as one year. These are less serious than felonies and are generally resolved in lower courts. They include activities like simple assault, public intoxication, and disorderly behavior.

Summit County Felony Records

A Summit County felony represents a serious crime that can result in prison time surpassing one year or even life. Examples consist of murder, rape, and robbery. In numerous states, felony convictions lead to losing voting rights and others. Some circumstances might likewise require restitution to the victim or their family.

Summit County Sexual Offender Trackers

Several resources can assist in identifying registered Summit County sex offenders. The U.S. Department of Justice maintains the National Sex Offender Registry, which is a detailed database of convicted sexual offenders in the nation. This registry is searchable by different criteria, including name and location.
In addition, local police and sheriff’s departments typically keep lists of registered sex offenders within their jurisdiction, readily available upon request.

Summit County Dui And Dwi Case History

A criminal history check might show a Summit County DUI offense; this will depend on who is doing the check and what types of records are needed.

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